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L'ezu jewelry was founded by Patricia Nevil and Corina Lewinson as an expansion of their award winning custom bridal business. Expertly choosing the best materials while setting an ethical price, these boss ladies are so excited to go beyond custom gowns, and bring minimal but stunning jewelry into their customers' lives. The L'ezu signature piece is the crescent moon 14k gold delicate necklace, which has given our founders a little cosmic inspiration. Each piece is designed, manufactured and finished in Los Angeles, California. 

"My mother always taught me that quality is the most important factor when choosing jewelry. Of course we all enjoy fun pieces, but if they're made of cheap material they won't last. I wanted to design a line of jewelry made of the finest materials but for the best price because every woman deserves to own a pair of diamond earrings without taking out a second mortgage." 

xoxo Pati